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Re: GSM/UMTS-Modem on serial Port [was Re: Onboard Modem]

On Friday, April 28, 2006 12:48 PM GMT,
Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:

Am 2006-04-26 15:22:55, schrieb IraqiGeek:

The vodafone EDGE/UMTS cardbus adapter, which is a rebranded
ericsson card (don't know the exact model) sellsf for 99euros where
I am, and an EDGE

But do you know the price of a card only?
They are between 350 and 500 Euro.

As I said, they sell the card for 99 euros at all the carriers here in Portugal Of course, you have to sign for a contract. I have checked on ebay a while back and they were going for similar prices.

Have you considered using one of the many EDGE/UMTS phones as a modem? AFAIK, almost all new phones support a modem profile through a serial or USB connection.

My problem is, that Bouygues Telecom (France) give up for
there unlimited Internet access (79 Euro per month) the
"Sierre Wireless 755" for free which does not support UMTS
and it is Sim-Locked.

Do you know, how to Un-Lock such cards?

Not really, but they are available on ebay (the US site) for under $100 last time I checked.

What I want is to Un-Lock and sell it to get a better Sierra
Wireless "Air Connect 860" or an Ericson.

Don't know about the Sierra Air Connect series, but the ericsson cards are available on ebay.

(UMTS? not sure which they use) account with vodafone costs 30euros
per month.

A serial EDGE/UMTS modem will not give you any broadband speeds, as
the serial port is limited to 115kbps, whereas vodafone claims
speeds up to

Not right, All of my On-Board serial ports support up to 460 kbps.
The Maximum of EDGE is 384 kbps but no GSM-Provider support it.
Mostly 200 kbps.

What chipset does your motherboard/laptop use? AFAIK, the super I/O chips (SMSc, ITE, and others) used by almost all motherboard/notebook makers dont support serial speeds over 115kbps. You may be able to get away with higher bit rates at the software levels, but thats mainly due to the hardware FIFOs on those super I/O chips.


I know, because I was in Offenburg/Germany and Vodaphone told
me they will give us at 06/2006 1.5 MBit for 59 Euro (Home-Zone)

Here its 30 Euros/months, though they limit your monthly traffic.

I am sure if you walk into a vodafone, tmobile, or any other carrier
in Germany for that matter, that you will find that they have
cardbus cards that enable you to access their 3G networks at a
fraction of the price you mentioned.

The problem is, that I have no Bank account in Germany which mean,
I can not get a german GSM Card.

As I have written allready, I have a GSM-Modem for 56 kbps but it
does not support GPRS.  I need a Serial-Modem because I have no
PCMCIA on the Laptop I use in this country.

For GPRS access, just use any GSM phone that supports the AT-commands or has the modem profile under bluetooth. You could get a used Ericosson T610/T630 for under 100 euros and use it as a GPRS modem through either serial or BT.

Finding allready a Serial-GSM-Modem which support GPRS/EDGE is fine.

Note:   The Laptop must send some measuring datas and some
       images in regulary intervals (Stand Alone) with
       arround 4 MByte for each call (one per hour).

If I were in your shoes, I would spare myself all the headache and go with a 3G phone hooked to the notebook.

I havent seen any GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS 350-600 euro cardbus cards
neither in stores nor online.


I will check ist out today...  ;-)
...since I have something to do with Iraq.

Please dont tell me that you are going as a civil contractor?

PS: In a previous message you mentioned you were going to an arab country, if that is Iraq, then I can tell you that there we use US English keyboard layout for latin letters. However, you could take a USB German keyboard with you if you want.


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