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Re: Fortune file!

On Mon, 24 Apr 2006 17:54:14 -0700
Marc Shapiro <mshapiro_42@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Michael M. wrote:
> >
> > Well, my mom asked me what a "blog" was a few months ago because
> > she  heard some newsmodels talking about blogs on TV.  So I
> > guess these  things can filter down eventually.  But she lived
> > in Hillsboro, one  town west of Beaverton, and I daresay she had
> > not heard of Linux.  My  cousin, a Machead from way back, lives
> > in Aloha (kind of wedged in  between Hillsboro and Beaverton),
> > and I don't think she's any more  than vaguely aware of Linux. 
> > I'll have to ask her.  I'm in Portland,  on the other side of
> > the center of the Linux universe from Hillsboro,  so I guess you
> > could say my family revolves around Linux,  geographically
> > speaking, like the planets around the sun (except that  we don't
> > actually change positions).  I think I'm the only one who  knows
> > what it is, let alone uses it.
> >
> > Now Nike and Intel, on the other hand ... everyone here knows
> > them!
> >
> I, also, live in Aloha, only about 3 miles from the 'center of the
> universe'.  I frequently pass within site of OSDL when I am out 
> shopping.  I wonder how many of us on this list are in the
> immediate local?
> -- 
> Marc Shapiro

I grew up in Hillsboro several years ago.  I'm going back for our
(mumble-mumble)-year high school reunion in August.  I also have a
son and a granddaughter who live in Hillsboro.

If you think you're too small to make a difference, you've obviously
never been in bed with a mosquito.
  --Michelle Walker

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