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Re: Printer for linux?

Diego Martínez Castañeda wrote:

I'm in the market for a printer and would appreciate any
recommendations. I should think this is an oft asked question, but since
the printer market seems to move at a rapier like pace, thought it ok to
ask again for any recent experiences.

I'd like a networked monochrome laser printer with duplex printing.

I recommend you to visit http://linuxprinting.org. You can find a huge
database of printers that runs in linux.

I prefer HP LaserJet, but it's my opinion :D. Those are more
compatibles (IMHO, again).

I have no experience at all of printing with linux, and the couple of
HOWTOs I've looked at suggest to me it's rarely a simple matter to get
things up and running.

CUPS is your answer.

My potted understanding is that unix/linux applications generally output
postscript formatted data for printing and since Joe Public can't afford
a postcript capable printer, postscript interpreters (eg ghostscript)
have been developed which sit in between postscript data streams and non
postscript (HP PCL?) printers. Do correct me if I'm wrong with any of this.

I've been looking at the Brother range, in particular the HL-5250DN...

I have this one up and running without problems with CUPS. Inside the
printer's box there are a CDROM with the necessary PPD file. That's
all you need.

Thanks Diego.

I've just been reading linuxprinting's endorsement of HP machines, but the bottom line (for me) is the relatively inordinate price of HP's stuff.

The same applies Lexmark (also highly recommended) once you decide you need a duplex printer.

And the same applies to Samsung with regard to consumables - a bit of crazy price for toner cartridges compared with the Brothers, which is a shame because there's an excellent offer on the ML-3561N (33ppm, networked, 1200x1200, Postscript 3, duplex, 500 sheet tray) in the UK if anyone is interested:


Anyway, thanks for all replies.

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