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kernel source and gcc

I am in the middle of getting the madwifi driver to work for a d-link wireless 
card. In the course of doing the make for the wifi driver, I encountered the 
following error:

	make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src/kernel-headers-2.6.8-2-386'
	  CC [M]  /home/kloro/linux/madwifi-ng/ath_hal/ah_osdep.o
	In file included from include/asm/thread_info.h:16,
               	  from include/linux/thread_info.h:21,
               	  from include/linux/spinlock.h:12,
               	  from include/linux/capability.h:45,
               	  from include/linux/sched.h:7,
               	  from include/linux/module.h:10,
               	  from /home/kloro/linux/madwifi-ng/ath_hal/ah_osdep.c:46:
	include/asm/processor.h:87: error: array type has incomplete element type

At this point, the compiler is not dealing with madwifi stuff per se, but with 
kernel source. Specifically, to the best of my research, an array variable 
(object in the new parlance) needs to be declared somewhere in the .c files. 
How can this be? Lots of people use the kernel code for lots of purposes. How 
can this bug still be lingering around?


Tom Arnall
north spit, ca

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