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Re: 5 Minutes Guide: How Make Your Shared Internet Connection Faster

Am Montag, 10. April 2006 09:43 schrieb Alexey N. Kovyrin:
r> Hi, all!
> If you have your own home network with two or more computers, you
> definitely know all of the problems with concurrent access to Internet
> channel. Most annoying problem is bandwidth sharing: when you are trying
> to use remote ssh connection to some server or to play your favorite
> MMORPG, and at the same time your wife/brother/friend decided to watch
> some new and very cool video clip at Google Video or YouTube, your
> connection will be stalled and you can forget about comfortable work. In
> my small article I will give you a simple solution for this problem and
> you will be able to do anything without worrying about traffic sharing
> problems!
> Read more:
> http://blog.kovyrin.net/2006/04/06/5min-guide-to-linux-shaping-htb/
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> /Scoundrel    [http://kovyrin.info]

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