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Re: building an etch box

On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 18:14 -0800, Tim Jordan wrote:
> I guess I didn't make myself very clear - plus I used the wrong
> terminology because I thought "etch" was unstable, sorry about that.

The unstable branch is always named "sid." Only the stable and testing
branches change names.

> I've already done the steps you listed below and the process choked,
> which led me to believe that you can't go from stable right to unstable
> without first upgrading to testing.

There's no particular reason why that shouldn't work, but unlike
testing, where the upgrade path from stable to the next release
(testing) is planned for and tested, there's no guarantee that it will
upgrade to unstable cleanly.

> I'm fairly competent with Debian as I've been running Debian servers for
> a few years now.  I just have never tried the unstable branch, which is
> what I need to test the Kolab packages.

I'm not familiar with that package, but you could try backporting it to
stable to avoid having to upgrade everything. Sometimes backporting a
package from testing or unstable is as simple as downloading the source
package, modifying the dependencies and building the deb. Other times
it's a royal pain in the ass. It might be worth a try, anyway.

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