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Re: nVidia drivers

Florian Kulzer wrote:
Are you using a self-compiled kernel? If yes, then it might be enough to
create a symlink /usr/src/linux which points to the kernel-source-2.6.8
directory. (At least that was sufficient to get it working for me.)

If you are using a stock Debian kernel (and your output of "uname -a"
seems to suggest that you do), then you need to install the appropriate
kernel-headers package. (If you did not compile the kernel yourself then
the kernel source directory will not contain the information which the
nvidia installer needs.)

You could also try the Debian package for the legacy nvidia driver,

Thanks, Florian.

No. I am using a stock kernel. The legacy driver deb looks promising, but it's only in Etch and Sid. Can I use one of those on Sarge? I'm wary of mixing my system. If not, I'll go for the kernel headers...



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