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Re: downgrading a package

On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 12:48:08AM +0100, Adam Hardy wrote:
> I'm using etch / testing and I did some upgrades (to try to get the
> hotsynch for my handheld working) but things went badly wrong.
> Now I'm trying to owngrade udev to 0.79 from 0.8xx but I can't get
> synaptic to allow me to force the version I need. The menu option is 
> just greyed out.
> How can I enable that menu option ?

I don't know how to use synaptic, but if you download the .deb you can
do a 'dpkg -i --force-downgrade <package name>' and it should install 
the downgraded version.  I'm sure that before you do your next upgrade
via synaptic you should be able to put the package on 'hold' in some
manner to keep it from being upgraded.

Christopher Nelson -- chris@cavein.org
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