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Re: Install sid NVU package on Sarge system

Rocky Ou wrote:

On 4/5/06, *Greg Madden* <gomadtroll@gci.net <mailto:gomadtroll@gci.net>> wrote:
>One way to get NVU is to download the tar.gz ver from the NVU site
>install to /usr/local with a symlink to /usr/local/bin.

 Hey Greb,

Thanks for you quick reply! Plese bear with me. Could you tell me how to add the symlink for this package, if that is possible? You can see I'm a newbie with quite limited knowledge.

Thanks a ton!


Assuming that you have downloaded the package from the nvu site and saved it to /usr/local/bin this is the rest of the proceedure.

~$ tar -jxvf nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar.bz2
~$ ln -s nvu-1.0/nvu
~$ rm nvu-1.0-pc-linux2.6.10-gnu.tar.bz2 (optional)

The first command, above, decompresses and unpacks the files from the tar.bz2 archive and will create a new directory under /usr/local/bin called nvu-1.0. It will then put everything into this directory, or further subdirectories of it.

The second command creates a link from the executable file nvu in the newly created nvu-1.0 directory. It will put this link in /usr/local/bin, which should be in your path so that simply calling nvu from a command line will find the link, and, through it, the executable file.

The third (optional) command, will delete the archive, as it is no longer needed. You could also move it somewhere else, or leave it there. That is up to you and depends on your desires and disk space.

NOTE: these comands will need to be executed as root, or by using sudo, fakeroot, or some other way of obtaining root's permissions.

NOTE 2: The file name for the archive is what I downloaded and installed back in November. The filename may have changed, in which case you would, of course, need to change it in the tar command, and the rm command. If there IS a new file and if it decompreses into a directory other than nvu-1.0 then you would need to use the actual directory name in th ln command.


Marc Shapiro

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