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Re: wpasupplicant_0.4.8-1 problem

On 4/4/06, Christopher Nelson <chris@cavein.org> wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, have you connected to an open access point?  Or
> at tried?  That part looks like it whould work.  The only different
> thing I have in my network block is the line:
>         auth_alg=SHARED
> right before my key.  I don't know that would work or not.  If it
> doesn't, the problem is beyond the scope of my comprehension of the
> subject, sorry.

At present I don't have an acess to open access point. As such the
things work without wpasupplicant, I do not want to meddle with things
beyond my machine.

> > How wpasupplicant is started in the new scheme of things?
> I believe wpasupplicant is started with ifup now, instead of being
> started seperately in init.d -- but don't quote me on that, I don't have
> a very good understanding of how the new wpasupplicant works.
> > entry in
> > /etc/network/interfaces is sufficient?
> It is for me, at least.
I fell wpasupplicant is not called. Something is missing in my system
which calls wpasupplicant.
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