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Re: Using Ubuntu when I'm used to Debian.

On 2006-04-03, Hodgins Family <ehodgins@telusplanet.net> wrote:
> Hi Phillipe:
> One issue that comes up is the way Ubuntu uses the sudo command.
> During installation, newcomers (with prior experience in Linux) are 
> caught off guard when they are not asked to set up a root account and 
> password. It can be unnerving. 

That's what I've heard...

> A root password CAN be set up, though. 
> And tasks that newcomers may have used the root account for in the past 
> can also be done *by issuing the sudo command as a user*.
> As an example to make a root password:
> 	As a user, enter a terminal and type:
> 	sudo passwd root
> 	Ubuntu thinks it over and then asks for your user password...

...and I wondered if that would work!

> To alter the fstab file
> 	As user, enter a terminal and type:
> 	sudo vi /etc/fstab
> 	Ubuntu ask for your user password...
> It seems a bit twisted compared to other systems and some people 	are 
> steamed by it.

Well, you've provided the solution!


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