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Re: Using Ubuntu when I'm used to Debian.

Adam Funk wrote:

I'm getting a new computer at work with Ubuntu on it, but I'm used to
using Debian (at home and at my previous job).  I understand that they
have some similarities.

I'd appreciate any suggestions about common pitfalls when making this
transition, things that will catch me by surprise, etc.

Ubuntu (Kubuntu) is based on Debian and I didn't find yet a (big) difference betwen them. I'm administerning two Ubuntu and four Debian computers and have no problem with it. Same things at the same place, just different repositories. Ubuntu is (out of the box) more "user-friendly" and more "plug&play" compatible than Debian, that's why I'm using it when I install Linux to other people's computers. My box is running Debian.
If you are used of Debian you should have no problem working with Ubuntu.

Mitja Podreka

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