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Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

Bruno Buys wrote:
kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:

Hi all

IMHO debian lists are the sources of a lot of spam these days. Over the past few years that I have been using Debian, the list masters were not able to eradicate the spam problem on these lists. I agree that they have been doing a great job in filtering out spam. But If I look into my gmail spam folder, most of the spam emails are addressed to xxx@lists.debian.org (where xxx are the debian lists that I am subscribed to. I was thinking what I could do to eradicate this problem and thought that creating google groups is an option.

But the disadvantages with google groups is that

(1) It will split the user base across d-u and yyy (where yyy is the name of the new google group).

(2) google is a company and I am not very sure if relying on a service provided by commercial companies would be a good idea in the long run.

(3) It requires a google/gmail account. But IMHO, the effort spent in creating a gmail/google account is well justified, if you want to have a spam free mailing list,

The advantages I see are

(1) A web interface to subscribe/unsubscribe and change mail/digest/no email options. So we will not see those unsubscribe emails.

(2) If we set 'only members can post', it removes the spam problem. Currently the lists are spammed because anyone can post to the mailing list without subscription and the spammers are taking advantage of it.

Is there anything that can be done with lists.debian.org that cannot be done through google groups?

Please feel free to express your opinions on this issue. If enough users feel that this is a good idea, I am willing to create and moderate that group. Also, if you like the idea, suggest some names for the google group.


The lists are spammed, I agree. But being able to post without subscription is part of the openness Debian wants to achieve. This was probably born when spam was no concern. I don't think *moving* the lists to a group is a good idea, though you can always create a Debian user group at gmail groups. I'd happily participate. But going official is another thing.
Isn't filtering spam locally an option?

I also do not think moving the lists to google group is such a good idea. If at all I create this, it would coexist along with d-u. d-u will still be there and will function just like as it would otherwise. People who are happy with Google's TOS will subscribe otherwise they can still continue in d-u.

Regarding filtering spam, that is definitely an option. That is what we all have been doing all these days. But the idea is to not receive them in the first place by setting 'only members can post' option.



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