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Re: Mounting partition as fs

On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 12:27:58AM -0400, Gregory Baker wrote:

> I just finished installing Sarge and need some help with a really simple
> problem.

Then you should direct your question to the debian-user mailing list, not to

> I have a PC configured to dual-boot between Win XP and Debian. I created a
> partition and loaded XP first and then I did the basic netinstall. I let the
> installer use the remaining space on the HD to create the working and swap
> partitions. I cannot get apt-get to talk my office's proxy server, so I
> downloaded the sixteen .iso CD images for the testing distribution using the
> XP partition on the box.

> I need to mount the XP partition in Linux so that I can point apt-get to it
> and load the packages from the .iso s. Could someone suggest a mount syntax
> that should allow me to do this? The XP partition should be 0 since it was
> created first, the fs is ntfs and there's no critical data on either
> partition yet. 

> I'd also like to know - since I'm doing this for testing purposes - is there
> any harm in simply installing all the available packages? I have about 100
> GB to play with on the Linux partition.

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