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Re: ndiswrapper, wireless driver and 64 bit kernel

Am Samstag, 1. April 2006 20:40 schrieb Freddy Freeloader:
> Freddy Freeloader wrote:
> > Hi All
> >
> > I'm running a combination of etch and sid on an HP Pavilion dv8000z
> > that runs the AMD Turion.  I'm running 32 bit Debian with the 64 bit
> > kernel that is released with sarge, etch, and sid.
> >
> > I've been trying to get my wireless going and having problems getting
> > it up and running. The laptop has the Broadcom wireless card and lspci
> > reports it as a bcm4318. I ran ndiswrapper and it ran successfully.
> > ndiswrapper -l lists the driver and says the driver and hardware are
> > present.  However when I went to run modprobe ndiswrapper it reported
> > a fatal error: Module not found.
> >
> > I located ndiswrapper.ko (It was with the 2.6.8-2 module that etch and
> > sid both install as the ndiswrapper module), and added the directory
> > to the PATH. Now when I run modprobe I'm getting the "invalid module
> > format" error.
> >
> > I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what is causing the problem.
> > Is it because the ndiswrapper is from a different kernel, or does this
> > error have anything to do with possible differences in compilers? How
> > do I figure out which is the problem? I am not running a custom kernel
> > other than it's a 64 bit kernel, rather than a 32 bit kernel.
> As a further update:
> I tried using module-assistant to install ndiswrapper from source today
> and it failed.   It says it can't find any source for the kernel.
> uname -a says the kernel is 2.6.15-1-486.  That seems like a pretty
> strange naming convention for a 64 bit kernel but that's what it reports.


as far as I know you need 64-Bit Windows drivers to work with ndiswrapper on a 
64-Bit kernel. Maybe this is your problem.



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