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Re: i want spam

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Am 2006-03-22 01:32:52, schrieb Mike McCarty:
Hex Star wrote:
Really? I don't remember getting any spam from the list nor seeing any in
the archives...:-/
This list is the number one source of spam for me. I'm subscribed
to eight mail lists[*], and this one generates more spam than all the
others combined.


I am on 68 Debian-List and I get on my E-Mail <linux4michelle>
around 200 times more spam as on the E-Mail which I use secretly
to get the Mails from the List.

I get ONLY ~600 Spams per month via Debian.

But on <linux4michelle> between 200 and 8000 per day depending
on the day of the week

    Michelle Konzack

I have a hunch as to why you get so much of that wunnerfur mail is due to the fact that a large percentage of Linuxites are dual booters.

That being said - Windows may be the biggest factor coupled along with a large portion of those said users either don't know how to protect the Windows box or just don't care.

That being said - many of the dual booting Linuxites are compromised and may not even know it.

Just a thought...

Best regards,

Never create a problem for which you do not have
the answer.

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