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Re: Debian Sarge on SATA

Simon Meelich wrote:

YOU'RE THE MAN!!!!! Thanks a lot for the advise with Etch. It worked without any problems, you stopped a three day pain... :-)

Very glad to see it worked! When I had to install to an old drive, then transfer to the newer ones, it was really a PITA. Be careful with Etch. Watch the 'debian-user' list for signs that it's a bad time to update stuff. As long as there's no major security breaches discovered, you might be best off leaving a working system alone as much as possible.

  Having said that, I think you'll be just fine.  Have fun!

I recommend reading some documentation. Look around in /usr/share/doc, browse the list of docs at www.tldp.org, consider installing the 'rutebook' package (if you're a newbie... though I may be being presumptuous here), and definitely read the Debian Reference and the APT-HOWTO (both in /usr/share/doc/Debian on my Sarge machine here). The reading can be long and tiresome (so take notes), but it pays off _very_ quickly. Quite a few folks have problems getting sound and printers to work with Linux, so just don't get frustrated too easily. Just today I cured myself of a bad case of idiocy after running Debian for almost a year now: I had somehow installed the BSD-style 'lpr' package, which was trying to talk to a printer on my parallel port; unfortunately, there is nothing connected to my parallel port, and I actually have a USB printer that I access through CUPS. Installing 'cupsys-bsd' a few hours ago made everything work (finally)! If you want to learn how Debian works under the hood, pick up a copy of Krafft's _The Debian System_. The most professional and readable reference on system administration -- understanding Unix file systems, handling user accounts and permissions, etc. -- that I've ever seen is Frisch's _Essential System Administration_.

Like I said... have fun!
Dave W.

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