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Re: Debian Sarge on SATA

Simon Meelich wrote:

I guess I will give the Etch CD a shot, haven't tried this so far. Thanks for the advise.

If I don't find a solution, I will go ahead and buy an IDE drive to install Debian to; I just can't believe, that I can't get it to work with SATA and this really bugs me... :-)

Am I the only person who has problems installing Debian on SATA?

No, not the only one. Remember that Debian 'stable' is always a little bit behind the cutting edge... intentionally. Good luck with Etch. It should work fine -- I'll be surprised if it doesn't.

If you have to use a PATA drive to install Debian, then as soon as it's working add www.backports.org to your '/etc/apt/sources.list' (see the instructions at backports.org), run 'apt-get update', and then install a newer kernel. (This is all assuming that the kernel the CD installs doesn't recognize the SATA controller... which it might. The kernel _on_ the CD isn't the same as the kernel that it installs!) After that, you can migrate Debian to the SATA drives... and return the PATA drive for a refund! :)

  I think Etch will just work, though.


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