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Re: LVM - dead disk

Hi Chris,

So - I thought I'd try to chroot in from a CD live disk - knoppix was what I had lying around (4.0) - but that doesn't have lvm or has an lvm version difference.

The dm_mod kernel module is there, but not the lvm utilities. So, you simply install it.

modprobe dm_mod

apt-get update
apt-get install lvm2

However, the soft links for the lvm commands are not available, so you create them.

cd /sbin; ln -s lvmiopversion vgscan; vgscan
etc ..

As an alternative, you could use a debian install cd.

If you're after making experiments with lvm a safer way would be to do it under vmware. You might want to check out the vmware server beta, but that's another story, of course.


Some time next week - I'll be sticking three new 250Gb disks into it and reinstalling from scratch - but - I'd like to attempt to get the data off if at all possible. Each time something goes wrong you learn a bit - you know ? :)

So - is there a live cd out there (or an install set or similar) that will boot far enough to allow me to chroot in and then load the virtual group? Or is there a better way?

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