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Re: 2.4 to 2.6 'upgrade'

John Keimel wrote:

> Ahhhhhhh.... okay, I see... so one kernel image package, like 2.4.xx or
> 2.4.yy is different than the other and you can have multiple ones
> installed and wanting to be upgraded at the same time. Now I can
> understand that... that makes some sense and I hadn't thought of it that
> way. I was considering it more like a 'packagename-1.1' and
> 'packagename-1.2' being the normal upgrade path, so that apt would have
> indicators showing 'hey, this is the latest version here. Upgrade now. ' 

What you thought previously is normally the case but, in the case of
kernel images, the version number is also part of the package name so
they look like different packages to apt.

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