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Re: Understanding /root, /usr, /var and so on

On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 10:03:06AM -0500, Andrew Cady wrote:
> Apparently the BSD folks decided in retrospect that mixing binaries with
> configuration was a bad idea.  But why not put them in /bin?  It may
> well have been performance reasons; that also seems to have been the
> original reason for placing binaries in /usr/bin.  At least, AT&T unix
> shipped everything in /bin, but recommended the administrator place most
> of those commands in /usr/bin for faster performance on lookups in /bin.

So. presumably the advent of filesystems that can handle large directories 
efficiently (like reiser) have made some of these distinctions unnecessary?

Or maybe the user in intended to do
  ls /bin
whenever he forgets the name of a common command without being distracted by 
commands he can't or probably won't want to execute?

-- hendrik

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