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Re: useless totem

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 13:05 -0800, Christopher Nelson wrote:

> Are you using totem-gstreamer?  If so, that could be part of the
> problem.  I've found gstreamer supports fewer types "out-of-the-box"
> than does the alternative, totem-xine, which uses xine as the back-end.
> I'm not sure which was the default when I installed, but totem-xine is
> available for stable, testing, and unstable.  Another thing you might
> have to do is install libdvdcss (for dvd's) and w32codecs -- but there
> are legal issues with these so they're not part of the Debian proper.
> Gstreamer can be made to recognise more media types by use of plugins,
> too, btw, but I'm not sure which ones you'd need for which types of
> media.
> -- 
> Christopher Nelson -- chris@cavein.org

Yes Christopher, I've got all the codec packages installed and can play
DVD in Xine, some also work in totem and some don't. Totem usually gets
stuck somewhere quite early on.

You're right, I use totem-gstreamer.
So you would recommend totem-xine? But a more philosophical question:
why use totem then at all if you can do it in xine?

When I have time I'll do more searches on the use of the plugins for
gstreamer you mentioned to find out if that makes a difference.


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