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Re: Outsider's observation upon the pros and cons of Debian

Nate Duehr wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Using my "measured tone" voice...

One of the pros of Debian is that I'd only have to become
more-or-less expert in one distribution.

Why? Not true. There are plenty of us out here that learn the

How can you know what is true for my circumstance better than
I do? I suspect that you did not actually read what I wrote.
I wrote that I was considering a move to another distribution
from the one I use now, which is not Debian. My girlfriend
uses Debian, and I help her maintain it. If I moved to Debian, I
wouldn't have to be expert in two distros in order to do that.

DIFFERENCES between distros and then Linux is Linux. (One friend takes that further and says "Unix is Unix".)

The rest is not worth answering since you didn't bother to
understand what I said, so it is off the point.

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