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Re: CUPS/foomatic/gs printing problem - plain text - first line too high,gets cut off

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006, Rick Reynolds wrote:

> Patrick Wiseman wrote:
> >On 3/12/06, *Daniel B.* <dsb@smart.net <mailto:dsb@smart.net>> wrote:
> >
> >    I'm having trouble with printing after switching to using CUPS,
> >    foomatic, and gs (gs-esp) in Sarge:
> >
> >    When I try to print plain text, the system cuts off the top two-thirds
> >    of the first line, and the first several characters on the left.
> >
> >I have found it necessary to use something like this for my HP 
> >printer.  It's documented in the CUPS documentation.
> >
> >'lp -o page-left=36 -o page-top=36'
> I've had this problem for over a year with my Sarge CUPS LaserJet series 
> II driver.  I looked around at the time for some kind of offsetting 
> adjustment, but never really found anything.
> Any way to modify settings in CUPS to internalize this offset?  I get 
> the offsetting problem when printing from anything (e.g., open office) 
> not just lp.
> I've got this printer exposed via CUPS and samba, and it is a bit 
> frustrating that my wife's windows laptop has no such issue when it prints.

I'm coming into this thread late, so I apologize if we've already been
here, done that...

A couple of items to check:
  0) If you generate a postscript file and then view it with gv (or ggv)
     are the margins correct, or is the text shoved up to 0,0?
  1) For CUPS: default paper size for your printer is 'letter', not 'A4'...
      - hit the 'Configure Printer' button on your printer's CUPS page
        Typically at <http://localhost:631/printers>
  2) In general: default paper size is 'letter', not 'A4'...
      - check '/etc/papersize'
      - and/or 'dpkg --reconfigure libpaper1' (for sid distribution)
  3) Try deleting and re-adding your printer to CUPS.  Under certain
     conditions upgrading CUPS backend software (ie.
     cupsys-driver-gutenprint or equiv) can screw things up.
      - make sure you're using the right PPD/driver for your printer,
        sometimes "close enough" isn't...

-- Brad

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