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Re: Release cycle

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 10:23:48PM -0600, David Berg wrote:
> I don't know if there's a good way to ask this question, and am very
> tempted to just hit cancel now...
> I'm curious to know when etch might freeze.  Now, before you all jump
> on me and tell me "its ready when its ready", let me clarify.  I'm not
> looking for a date, or a month, or even a year necessarily as I
> realize they would all be guesses.  Perhaps I could get the best
> answer by making this my question:
> Has anyone heard/read anything that MIGHT indicate that etch MIGHT go
> stable faster than the 2-3 years that it took for Sarge, and Woody to
> go stable?
Hi David,
there are release goals that are looked at. If you gauge how things are
going based upon those goals, it may provide some insite. There are
major transitions(abi/api/gnome/xorg), translation goals, deciding what packages get a last
minute repreive (like webmin), including new arch(64bit) and not
including others(68k) and of course the rate at which RC bugs are fixed.
It seems each release cycle is an advanture. This one include ubuntu as
a factor. They are working with Debian[0] and will hopefully speed up some
issues. There has also been 'teams' and 'groups' forming to address
issue which I think is a good thing(games,fonts,xorg,...). And folks hosting
[0] there is [discussion/debate] as to what [this means/this will mean] amongst ubuntu and
debian devs.
[1] Bug Squashing Parties
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