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Re: copying a 12GB file

Josh Battles wrote:

I regularly transfer ~9GB files across my [100mbit] network from a Sarge
server to any number of Linux workstations as well as a Windows MCE set top
box.  Everything is stored on Samba shares using CIFS.  I've never gotten any
errors and my transfer times are usually very reasonable.

See http://www.errror.org/smbfs-lfs.html. The server I wanted to copy the file
from is still running Woody and a 2.4.20 kernel. It has been doing so flawlessly
for the last three years, running as a mail server. I wanted to upgrade it to
testing, but the disks start to fail. It'll get new disks and a fresh install of
testing this weekend ...

Newer versions of SAMBA using CIFS seem to have overcome the limit.


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