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Re: Installing fonts

L.V.Gandhi wrote:

On 3/4/06, cga <cga2000@gmail.com> wrote:
I copied over the win98 fonts to /usr/local/share/fonts/truetype/win98
.. did the usual $ mkfontscale; mkfontdir.. added the directory in
/etc/X11/XF86config-4.. added it likewise to /etc/fonts/local.conf.. and
did and $ fc-list to verify all  this magic had worked.. and now I'm
getting somewhat weird output with funky non-printables.. like so:

do dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig. It will config allfonts. whenever you
add fonts do this.

linux user No.205042
Followed your recommendation but this seems to be mostly about font-rendering choices. I saw that it did regenerate fontconfig's font cache but where it went looking for fonts is unclear. For instance if I had copied the MS fonts to ~/msfonts.. how would it have found them..? And where does the famed debian font manager - aka defoma.. come into the picture..?

Anyway, everything seems to be working no different than before I did the "dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig" ... down to the output of fc-list.. still spits out the same unprintable garbage.


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