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Re: which command can be used to show IP address

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006 13:41:15 -0800
Marc Shapiro <mshapiro_42@yahoo.com> wrote:

If my DSL modem is using NAT, so that my box shows a 192.xxx.xxx.xxx IP address but the outside world is seeing 71.xxx.xxx.xxx can I still use a service like dyndns? Will that get past the modem to my box, or will it get stuck?

If you can access the configuration of the modem, you should be able to
port-forward to your box. That is, you can redirect specific ports on
the modem to specific machines on your LAN. For http, you'll want port
80 mapped to whatever machine you are hosting on. Usually, you point
your web-browser to the modem itself (probably to get its
configuration interface.

Thanks. was the correct IP to use. Unfortunately, since I never used the installation software (Windows/Mac only) I was never granted admin access to the router. It took me a day to track down the default username and password to let me in. I have now changed the defaults and have access to the configuration menus.

All is well with the world ;-)

Marc Shapiro

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