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Re: gtk file picker and firefox

Toshiro wrote:
FWIW, I already moved away from firefox to konqueror, the sole reason
being the new file picker. God knows how many Linux users they drove
away due to this inefficient filepicker.

I thought I was the only one but I see I'm not alone :) I've also moved away to konqueror for the same reason, that filepicker sucks!!; it's incredible that I couldn't select my own home directory to save downloaded files!!

I'm confused. What has a web browser got to do with a file picker?
Are you using it to browse your own machine? If so, then that's
bizarre. That was one of the first things that got nixed in
Win98 when it went to beta release, only they called it "active
desktop". I mean using a web browser I/F to browse one's own

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