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Re: Configuring the Keyboard in an Acer Laptop


I found the right keyboard configuration. I chose "with deadkeys" in
xf86config and now I'm able to type ã, á, ç, ë, ü and other special

Unfortunately, I still don't know to fix the following problems:


> Another thing. I've added in my /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file the line
> "/usr/bin/bbkeys &" before "/usr/bin/blackbox" for bbkeys to come up
> when blackbox starts, but it didn't work. Is there another file I have
> to set these commands for it to work? I've tried ~/.xinitrc but
> without success.
> It may be strange but my /etc/inittab has 3 as the boot's level but
> when boot process finishes the X login screen come up, not the shell
> login. Is there anything else to configure to start the system at
> level 3?


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