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Re: Laptop battery

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 17:51:59 +0000
john gennard <joney@clara.co.uk> wrote:

> 	Just before Christmas, I bought a secondhand T20
> Laptop and installed Sarge which works fine.
> 	The vendor said there was a battery which 'worked
> well'. Embarrassingly, I have so far always used the T20
> with the AC Adapter. However, last evening I decided to
> use the battery to see how much time I would get from it.
> 	Debian's monitor told me the battery was fully
> charged, but, on starting I got a message 'Running off
> Battery  - 11 minutes left', two minutes later
> 'Battery running out 0 minutes left'. It did give me
> enough time to close everything and shut down.
> 	I've just recharged the battery which took just
> over 23 minutes to reach 'fully charged'. Then switching
> to it, in one minute I got 'Running off battery 11 mins
> left' quickly followed by 'running out 0 mins left'.
> 	It would seem that I've been 'sold a pup', but
> before getting a new one (assuming one can be found), I
> just wondered if anything in the Debian software could be 
> misconfigured. The battery itself seems in almost pristine
> condition to my inexperienced eyes.
> 	Can anyone offer any suggestions (solice is perhaps
> too much to hope for). I've never had anything to do with
> Laptops before, so I'm in the dark.

You can try previous sugestions, it may buy you a bit of time but I doubt it.
If the battery is Li-Ion then their nice due to relatively high capacity and presumably no memory but they have a lifespan of about two to two and a half years without regard to usage (storing them half charged when not used is best though).
> Regards,					John.
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