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Re: Intel ICH5R fake raid installation


> I've never done a dual boot raid configuration before, are you able to
> split up your arrays with the BIOS Raid manager?

the bios manager only let me create and destroy full size RAID arrays
(i think, I don't remeber exactly if the size can be changed, but I
don't think so). I made the partitions during win2k installation...

> http://xtronics.com/reference/SATA-RAID-debian-for-2.6.html
> You should find a lot of information if you google for Debian RAID
> howto, there;s always tldp.

I googled this a lot before mailing the list. There is a lot of
information about hardware raid, and md software RAID. But are only a
few links (ubuntu) about these fake raids chipsets. By the way, here
go THE dummy question: tldp??

Thanks again,


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