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Re: 2.6 kernel on PowerEdge 1850?

subscribe to the linux poweredge mailing list.  I can verify that Sarge
installs just fine onto the 1850 with the 2.4 kernel.  Once you have it
installed you can then upgrade to one of the many prebuilt kernels that
people on the linux poweredge mailing list have created.

- OR -

If you ask on the list I know there are people who have created modified
Sarge install disks with the newest 2.6.x kernels which support the PERC
raid cards properly.  Good luck, mailing list info follows.

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On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 13:37 -0500, Jonathan Dill wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Has anyone had luck getting kernel-2.6 running on a Dell PowerEdge 1850 
> and if so what did you do?
> I am well acquainted with the Debian on Dell Servers web page, however 
> that applies to kernel 2.4:
> http://wiki.osuosl.org/display/LNX/Debian+on+Dell+Servers
> I am interested in getting kernel 2.6 running in Debian Etch on a Dell 
> PowerEdge 1850 with megaraid_mbox / megaraid_mm for the Perc 4e/Si and 
> the necessary OpenIPMI drivers for the PE 1850.  The stock 
> kernel-source-2.6.8 tree seems to be missing the code for the new 
> megaraid driver, and I have found this has already been registered as a 
> "bug".  I also tried kernel- from kernel.org, which has the 
> necessary drivers, but ran into some different issues with getting that 
> to work--I can try again more "scientifically" and give more details as 
> I go along.  I'm just hoping to benefit from the experience of others 
> before I go off and try to reinvent the wheel.  I've already spent a lot 
> of time Googling and haven't found as yet that anyone else has managed 
> to do it.
> Thanks,
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