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Re: XOrg+Radeon = No Direct Rendering?

Servus, Privet, Hello,

thanks for lending a hand at this.

below are the relevant parts of my xorg.conf.

Concerning fps, I use glxgears for an estimate, just like Ivan. Peculiar is, with the generic 'ati' kernel module I get some 230 fps (it's a very small window), while with the 'radeon' k-module I get 153fps - and even drawing windows seems slower. Oh, I used to have Xscreensaver running a solid (cube,icosaedron, etc) drawing program - I used to get some 40~50 fps, depending on the number of faces.

My mainboard module is this intel_agp. Along with it are 'drm' and 'agpart'. 'radeon' is also around. I'll have a got compiling everything into the kernel to see if it comes out different this time.

Again on the fps matter, there are some people saying that one should tax the board with Quake3 or Unreal Tournament demos to get a proper benchmark.



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