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Re: apt wants to remove my kernel image

Colin wrote:

Arnau Rebassa Villalonga wrote:
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  initrd-tools kernel-image-2.6.8

I'm guessing but do you have the kernel-image-2.4-386 package installed?

(Damn!  packages.debian.org is down so I can't check for the proper name!)

One other thing to try -- make sure you have an up to date initrd-tools. Someone else had a similar problem (different from the one I referred to in my last post) which was sorted by updating initrd-tools first, ie

aptitude update
aptitude install initrd-tools

or apt-get update
apt-get install initrd-tools

if you prefer apt-get. Note that "install" will update if it's already installed. Try doing that first, THEN doing the apache install and see if it behaves a bit more sensibly...


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