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Re: OpenOffice 2.0 Sarge or Etch

Strange ... because I can get Open Office 2.0. I get
it with apt-get, mirror

--- John Talbut <john@dpets.demon.co.uk> escreveu:

> I would really like to have OpenOffice 2.0 on my
> system.  At present it 
> seems to be available in Etch or as a backport to
> Sarge.  Currently I am 
> on Sarge with at least one package from Etch.
> My options seem to be: use the backport to Sarge,
> use the Etch version 
> of OpenOffice, upgrade to Etch or wait until
> OpenOffice 2.0 migrates to 
> Sarge.
> Any recommendations or experiences?  If I wait, how
> long is it likely to 
> be before 2.0 gets to Sarge?
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