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Re: Sid/Unstable AMD64 where to find

> By reading the page again I decided that I will go for a easier distro
> for the x86_64 computer ;-)
> I read also on usenet that Debian is a purist on 64bit, so 32bit
> application are difficult to run.
I have debian amd64 running on this computer, and I find it quite easy.
It is a pure 64-bit system, but you can easily run  32-bit apps under a
chroot. I've never done it before, but by following this:
I set it up in a few minutes.

If you want Sid amd64, just grab any Sarge release from this page:
and choose to use Sid when asked.
If you need a newer kernel (I did because of my scsi card), you can get the
etch or sid iso.

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