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Re: PDF with big honkin images

Bill Moseley wrote:
I just got a pdf that contains about 125 images.  Although the image
size is small on the pages, inside the pdf the images are huge:

    ~$ imgsize 5images-121.ppm
    width="2286" height="1525"

and the resulting pdf file is thus huge.

Clearly, they just used some program like Word and resized the images
on the screen, but that didn't change the actual image size.

I can extract out the images using "pdfimages" and batch resize them.
But, is there a way to *replace* the images back into the pdf?

If your printer-subsystem offers you a pdfwriter pseudo-printer you can
simply open the PDF and print it to a file with appropriate settings to
downsample the images to a lower resolution. I have just tried this with
KDE's "Print to File (PDF)" and it worked; I am sure Gnome has something

I did not succeed to do the same with Ghostscript from the command line,
but I strongly suspect it's also possible.


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