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Re: weird fam/samba problem

On Thursday 02 February 2006 13:14, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
>On Thu, 02 Feb 2006 08:57:43 -0500
>Gene Heskett <gene.heskett@verizon.net> wrote:
>> On Wednesday 01 February 2006 02:39, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> >Greetings;
>> And no one has any comments to make on this?
>not a clue. why samba and not nfs?

Because I have yet, despite quite a bit of expert handholding, ever been 
able to make NFS work for anything here.  No permissions returns is all 
I can get.  Also, even though the NSF starter is being run by the 
bootup, it always logs the message that NFS4-MTAB doesn't exist.  On 
the bootup screen but nowhere else in the logs.  And questions asked 
about that on the net have now been uniformly ignored on the major 
lists I haunt for about 4 years now. :(

>FWIW, I killed fam, and
>> things seem to be working more or less normally here. Killing fam
>> allowed me to umount those shares.  This is required because I have
>> a script (cron) that remounts some shares daily else they get stale
>> or something and quit working, or did back when I set that script up
>> 5 years ago because it would quit working at odd times.
>is this a bug with fam? I've had some trouble umounting nfs shares on
> occaision for no apparent reason, though umount -l does the trick.

But what happens then if the share is to be immediatelty remounted, like 
my little daily insurance cron script does.?

>> Maybe a samba update has fixed this?  Me not know...
>> >I have a machine out in the workshop that I occasionally mount via
>> > a samba share. Its a debian variant, hence this posting to both
>> > lists.
>> >
>> >At present, no shells are logged into it, nor any utilities are
>> > open to the share known as /mnt/shop-slash on this machine.
>> >
>> >But if I try to umount it, its busy!  And lsof|grep shop returns
>> > this: ---------------
>> >fam        3661    root  194r   DIR        3,7      4096
>> >246527 /mnt/shop
>> >fam        3661    root  202r   DIR       0,19      4096
>> >2 /mnt/shop-slash
>> >fam        3661    root  206r   DIR        3,7      4096
>> >246215 /mnt/shop-emc
>> >fam        3661    root  207r   DIR        3,7      4096
>> >246216 /mnt/shop-homes
>> >---------------
>> >the first and third/forth verses of that report only exist as
>> > unmounted dirs in the local /mnt dir, so why is fam apparently
>> > issueing a lock against them all?
>> >
>> >This system is an FC2 system, somewhat hacked but otherwise
>> > uptodate.

Cheers, Gene
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