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weird fam/samba problem


I have a machine out in the workshop that I occasionally mount via a 
samba share. Its a debian variant, hence this posting to both lists.

At present, no shells are logged into it, nor any utilities are open to 
the share known as /mnt/shop-slash on this machine.

But if I try to umount it, its busy!  And lsof|grep shop returns this:
fam        3661    root  194r   DIR        3,7      4096     
246527 /mnt/shop
fam        3661    root  202r   DIR       0,19      4096          
2 /mnt/shop-slash
fam        3661    root  206r   DIR        3,7      4096     
246215 /mnt/shop-emc
fam        3661    root  207r   DIR        3,7      4096     
246216 /mnt/shop-homes
the first and third/forth verses of that report only exist as unmounted 
dirs in the local /mnt dir, so why is fam apparently issueing a lock 
against them all?

This system is an FC2 system, somewhat hacked but otherwise uptodate.

Cheers, Gene
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