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Re: not able to play songs on a telugu music website

kamaraju kusumanchi <raju.mailinglists@gmail.com> writes:

>    I am unable to play songs located at
> http://www.telugufm.com/modules/music/MovieDetail.aspx?MID=10083
> . (The above link is just an example. I cannot play any songs in that
> website. ) When I click "select all" and then "play selected", a pop
> up comes and it gets stuck at "loading" stage. Nothing seems to happen
> after that.
> However sound works perfectly fine on my system (I can play mp3,
> movies etc without any problem). I do not know whether this is a
> problem with Debian or the website using some IE specific code.
> I am running sid + marillat. These are the relevent (I think) packages
> installed on my system.


I think the problem is that you are using sid. The Indian websites (I
have the same problems with raaga.com and musicindiaonline.com) cannot
seem handle newer versions of flash, mozilla (compiled with gcc >3.2)
especially when realplayer is compiled with 3.2. There is a discussion
of this at... 


I was too lazy to revert my flash plugin to an older version. However,
the websites work well on a machine running Sarge in my office. Hope
this helps.


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