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Re: apache2 and ssl

On (02/02/06 10:00), Ed wrote:
> I'm following along with a book called PHP and MySQL Web Development (2003)
> and doing some sanity testing it recommends.
> The step I'm on is to check to see if ssl is working and it says to try:
> https://localhost
> or
> http://localhost:443
> to see if ssl is working.
> When I try either of those two commands I get a 404 dialog from mozilla
> The connection was refused when trying to contact localhost:443
> I did a
> /usr/sbin/apache2ctl /startssl
> and it returned that it is already running.
> I see that there is a package called apache-ssl but no apache2-ssl.
> I just got throught purching all the apache stuff and keeping apache2 so I
> don't think I want to install apache-ssl.

I believe ssl is implemented within Apache2. Install the apache2-doc
package; it should be covered in there.



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