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Re: different resolution on notebook LCD and VGA

Digby Tarvin <digbyt@acm.org> said on Tue, 31 Jan 2006 10:35:45 +0000:
> Unless your notebook actually has two display adapters built in,
> I very much doubt that you can do what you describe.
> The only options I have seen are
> a. image displayed on LCD only
> b. higher resolution image displayed on VGA only
> c. simultaneous display on LCD and VGA at internal LCD resolution
> Were you expecting to see the same or different things on the
> internal and external display? If the same, how were you
> thinking the lower resolution LCD would display what is on
> the higher res screen?
> If you were expecting to have different images on the internal
> and external displays, then that would qualify as a dual head
> display - which would require specialised hardware which I havn't
> seen in a notebook.  

The 5 year old Inspiron 4000 with a r128 can do dualhead under
windows.  I beleive the displays (internal and external) can talk
differnt resolutions too.  Doesn't work with xinerama under X.

But then again, I never even got xinerama working on my desktop with a
second PCI videocard.

Most newer laptops can do it under windows.  Although at almost every
talk, someone finds out that accelaration doesn't work on the second
display, even when the external display is simply mirroring the LCD.
So someone goes to play a movie, and is stunned into silence when they
discover that the movie that is playing beautifully on the LCD is not
being displayed at all on the projector :) When I tell them to flick
the LCD/external button a few times until the internal display is off,
it works.

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