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Re: gnome & firefox & thunderbird

Adam Hardy wrote:

> I keep seeing messages about Firefox and Thunderbird but it's never
> about this and I can't find any info about how to control this in
> Gnome:
> I want to click on a link in Thunderbird emails, and see the Firefox
> browser pop up a new browser window in the foreground.
> Currently the link opens in an existing Firefox window AND in the
> background, so I have to go looking for it and then work out whether
> I want to go back to the page the browser window showed before.
> Could be simple, but could be impossible - anybody know?

Simple if you know exactly where to look.  In Firefox, open the
preferences (Edit->Preferences), select the "Advanced" tab, and click
the "+" to the left of the "Tabbed Browsing" heading.  This should open
up the following set of radio buttons:

Open links from other applications in:
(o) a new window
( ) a new tab in the most recent window
( ) the most recent tab/window

Sounds like you want the first of these options.


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