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Re: Burning CDs from ISO image - possible?

On Tue, 03 Jan 2006 17:46:42 -0500
Chinook <chinook.nr@tds.net> wrote:

> Take a look at cdrecord (man page). I'm using Gnome, but use Terminal 
> for most things.  I have also created a bootable system image on DVD 

Another data point - I found at least in my experience that growisofs
is much simpler to use (and even works) compared to trying to get
cdrecord to write to dvd media. At least that is what I experienced
when I brought my (then) brand new dual-mode writer home and plugged it

K3B has been unusable for me for a very long time. I simply just use

1) cdrecord (for music and cd-rom isos)
2) cdrdao if I need to burn vcd's
3) growisofs for dvd's

Of the three, cdrdao is more perplexing because I have to remember the
options each time - or simply use cdr (ctrl-R) in bash to bring up the
options from the last time I used it. I don't use cdrdao very much.

Recording/mastering music CDs with cdrecord is nearly as easy as
mastering ISO images for me, and all I need to do is pass the options
(-audio -pad) followed by a number of wav files on the command line.
For data isos from files, though, I find drag & drop a little easier to
use (using gcombust mostly) since I've found it difficult in the past
to place a number of files onto a cdrom image using mkisofs
(*especially* if there are multiple subdirectories involved).

Mastering a dvd from data files also is possible - but dependent on
mkisofs - still that irksome issue in trying to make an image from
(for instance) /home, with a ton of directories and files to look at.
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the variant options of mkisofs. k3b or
gcombust would be useful here, if they could be used for dvd images,
and I don't see why not, if they can skip the actual step of burning
the ISO (leave that process to cdrecord or growisofs). Since I got the
unit, I haven't really tried doing that except for backup purposes -
and then I used mindi/mondo a few times.

> Lee C

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