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Re: IMAP Server Requirement

On (19/01/06 17:06), Ropetin wrote:
> I hope I'm asking this question in the right place.  If not please let 
> me know where to go.
> I work for a fairly small company who, like a lot of companies, relies 
> heavily on email.  For reasons that unfortunately I had no decision in, 
> and cannot contractually change in the next two years, we are tied into 
> using a POP3 email service.  The server has great uptime and great 
> throughput, so no worries there.  However, it has very little (read: 
> none!) disk space reserved for email.  This causes us to have to set a 
> server storage limit of no more than 20Mb for each user.  This is 
> suitable for most people, but those of us in the IT department and our 
> mobile users would be better served by an IMAP server with larger 
> amounts of storage.
> I'd like to then setup an IMAP server on another machine, with more 
> storage, and have it pull email from the regular POP server and make it 
> available to a limited number of users.  It will be hosted inside our 
> network, with no outside access, except through already configured 
> remote means.
> What software do I need to use to make this happen?  I've read about a 
> number of different pieces of software but can't figure out what would 
> be best.  I don't want you to walk me through it step by step, just 
> point me in the right direction and give me a push!

We had the same requirement, pulling in via pop3 and accessing via IMAP.
We used dovecot.  I made some notes on the setup here:



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