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Re: linux 2.6.15 and overheating

On Tue, 17 Jan 2006 10:40:10 -0800
John L Fjellstad <john-debian@fjellstad.org> wrote:

> After I upgraded the linux kernel to a custom compiled 2.6.15, I keep
> getting shutdown because of overheating (one of the last message is
> something about the temperature hitting 93 C or something).  This never
> happened to me when I run 2.6.14 or earlier.
> Is it because 2.6.15 has some more functionality, and it gives me
> warning, or is it because there is a bug in 2.6.15? How do I find out?
> Also, since this is a laptop, it's not like I can exchange the fan, so I
> just wondering if the machine is about to die of exhaustion.

Is it just turning off (which would imply bios shutdown I believe which means a
change in cooling behaviour) or is it a softer shutdown (which would mean

I don't think this is kernel unless there is a problem with the fan and/or
temperature acpi modules causing the fan to stay off.

First thing you should is put your hand near the fan openings in the laptop and
make sure the fan is working when the machine is hot (you should feel hot air
blowing out). Also check the machine temperature and fan status according to
acpi. On my laptop the fan turns on when the cpu goes above 50 deg celsius.

you can see the temperature as the output of acpi -V

also check

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