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Re: Printer woes

I'm answering to myself...
> Hi,
> I just installed a printer on one of my debian machines (Epson 
> Stylus Color 1520/cups/foomatic).
> It works locally.
> I need to use it from windows, so I followed the "Debian and 
> Windows Shared Printing mini-HOWTO".
> Problem is my XP client found the printer ok, but the "Printers 
> and Faxes" panel reports: "Access denied, unable to connect".
> The debian server is also acting as file server (samba, working 
> ok) and DSL firewall (eciadsl/shorewall), in doubt if that could 
> be the culprit I opened also the cups port (631), but, as suspected, 
> no joy.
> Enhancing log verbosity to debug doesn't show anything useful.
> If I try to refresh the printer and faxex panel does not show 
> any log activity.
> Can someone (pretty please) point me in the right direction?

Adding "use client driver = yes" to the [printers] section in smb.conf
cured the "Access denied" symptom, but, unfortunately is *not* the whole 
Trying to print anything from WinXP (including the Test Page) results in an
"unable to create print job" error with some uneventful log in cups



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