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who is r/w-ing my hdd?

Subject: who is r/w-ing my hdd?
Newsgroups: RWTHNEWS:linux.debian.user


I am searching the source of some every 2/3 seconds
happening harddisk read/write operation. It is
really annoying - even if there is (from my side)
no system activity at all. I also fear the health
of my hardware if this cant be settled (may be there
is no reason to do so - but i cant judge). Up to
the current point of investigation i blame it to
the X server (4.3 i guess, the default one...)
I was using fvwm (no gnome) before and there was
the same thing going on. Since x server is the only
thing the both setups have in common this should
be it. also when i do "/etc/init.d/gdm stop" hdd
accesses stop, too. I have never witnessed such
behaviour on any system i was using. So i guess
there must be something wrong in my setup (i
am keeping it very much to default). I also tried
to upgrade to x11.org from backports-sarge at
www.backports.org with no luck.

my system is up to date using the mirror

(whatever you call up to date with debian ;-))

Thanks for your help in advance.
Matthias Pfeifer

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