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Re: Ubuntu to Debian

Kent West wrote:
Jay Zach wrote:

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Brooks R. Robinson wrote:
Greetings oh most knowledgeable list,

I recently purchased a new fancy schmancy Dell a couple of months ago,
and I have been delinquent in installing Linux on it.  So, I recently
purchased an additional hard drive and attempted to put Debian on it (as
God intended).  Sarge didn't want to recognize my hardware and Sid just
plain crapped out.  I tried to do a Knoppix install, but I don't like
their one big partition methodology.  I ended up putting the base
"server" install of Ubuntu 5.10 "The Breezy Badger" on it (which was
also quite the pain the the keester, for the record I hate initrd).  So
I have a semi-usable system, finally accomplished last night.

Now for the question: Can I, without too much heartburn, upgrade my
install the Etch or Sid?  Is it as simple as changing my sources.list,
doing and apt-get update and an apt-get dist-upgrade?  I'm sure I'll end
up with a bunch of cruft, but I'd rather be on Debian proper than
Ubuntu.  Any thoughts would be helpful.

Please CC me as I am not on the list.



If you have your /home directory mounted on a separate partition (I HIGHLY recommend this), you can simply install debian, and mount your ubuntu /home as
your /debian home.

Except that he's already stated that neither Sarge nor Sid have been agreeable to being installed on his hardware.

As I understand it, Brooks, Ubuntu is close enough to Debian that a conversion is possible. Yes, edit your sources.list and do an update/dist-upgrade; you may have to uninstall some stuff along the way and then reinstall it. Since it's a new install, and you have nothing to lose, just go for it. The worst that can happen is that you'll cause some sort of time-space implosion and destroy the universe as we know it. But it'll probably go a lot smoother than that.

Mark Shuttleworth showed me a nifty trick with aptitude when doing a dist-upgrade. From memory, in interactive mode press 'M' and it will uninstall dependencies; then upgrade. It saves a lot of bandwidth on the upgrade. I haven't tried it myself and so YMMV.



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